The Lean Mindset Workshop

What company doesn't want energized workers, delighted customers, genuine efficiency, and breakthrough innovation? What company doesn't want energized workers, delighted customers, genuine efficiency, and breakthrough innovation? But the paradox is that most companies do not focus on these things; they are governed by financial metrics instead.

Lean companies have a different mindset – they think of financial results as a second order effect. Their primary focus is to cultivate enthusiastic workers, loyal customers, efficient flow, and market-creating products. This workshop uses case studies and research to demonstrate what a Lean Mindset means in organizations developing software and show why such companies tend to have a better track record over the long term.

Built on the latest research and case studies from leading organizations, this workshop investigates reliable patterns for developing a successful technology business. You'll learn how to cultivate product teams that think for themselves, how to create products and services that customers love, why flow efficiency gives better results than resource efficiency, and why the biggest barriers to innovation are the very things that make companies successful.

This workshop is about re-evaluating our approach to product development processes, our perception of the people who create technical products, our understanding of what practices lead to efficiency, and the metrics and governance systems we use to make decisions and measure results. This two day workshop presents an alternate framework for thinking about developing technology-based products and services - one based on lean principles and focused on creating a successful businesses that thrive over time.

The workshop focuses on making choices: how to ask the right questions, solve the right problems, measure the right thing. It emphasizes research, case studies and exercises. You will discover how companies have dealt with the challenges of today's economy and learned to compete more effectively in today's fast moving marketplace.

You will Learn:

  • How great leaders inspire action.
  • Organizing work systems that draw out the best work of bright, creative people.
  • The difference between resource efficiency and flow efficiency, and why flow wins.
  • Stories of successful companies and the thinking patterns of winners.
  • Four steps to creating expert product teams.
  • The role of engineering and problem solving in product development.
  • The role of design and customer feedback in product development.
  • What to do when you succeed: Solving the mystery of innovation.

Learn from the Experts:

Learn first-hand from thought-leaders Mary and Tom Poppendieck how to move to the far side of paradox and a lean mindset. Mary and Tom have pioneered the application of Lean Thinking to software development and documented their principles in books (below).

This two-day workshop is offered either privately or through partners who sponsor a public workshop. For additional information on the Lean Mindset Workshop please contact us at

Great Companies
  • The Capitalist's Dilemma
  • Effective Work Systems
  • The Science of Cooperation
Energized Workers
  • Thriving on Challenge
  • Case Study: Intel PDE
  • Great Product Teams
Delighted Customers
  • The Role of Engineering
  • The Role of Design
  • Case Study: Spotify
Genuine Efficiency
  • Resource Efficiency vs. Flow Efficiency
  • Case Study: Ericsson Networks
  • Continuous Feedback
Breakthrough Innovation
  • Why Market-creating Investments are Hard
  • Case Studies: Reverse Innovation
  • Exercise: Success Metrics



  • Ask the Right Questions
  • Results are Not the Point
  • Concept to Cash
  • An Agile Toolkit

The Lean Mindset:

Ask the Right Questions

What company doesn't want energized workers, delighted customers, genuine efficiency, and breakthrough innovation? The Lean Mindset shows how lean companies really work, and how a lean mindset is the key to creating stunning products and delivering amazing services.

Leading Lean Software Development:

Results are not the Point

Building on their breakthrough bestsellers Lean Software Development: Concept to Cash and Implementing Lean Software Development: An Agile Toolkit, Mary and Tom Poppendieck's latest book shows software leaders and team members exactly how to drive high-value change throughout a software organization – and make it stick.

Implementing Lean Software Development:

From Concept to Cash

This book draws on the Poppendiecks' unparalleled experience helping development organizations optimize the entire software value stream. You'll discover the right questions to ask, the key issues to focus on, and techniques proven to work. The authors present case studies from leading-edge software organizations, and offer practical exercises for jumpstarting your own Lean initiatives.

Lean Software Development

An Agile Toolkit

Lean Software Development shows software professionals how to achieve breakthrough quality, savings, speed, and business value by adapting the seven "lean" principles that have already revolutionized manufacturing and R&D. Drawing on 25+ years' experience leading enterprise projects, the authors show how to use these principles to create agile processes that work - because they're optimized for your environment.